“The Current Seven”

Updated January 30th 2016

I had originally intended to write a “Very best of 2014” piece much like my “Best Casual meals of 2014.” However, with the constant evolution of the global fine dining scene and the rate at which I devour new restaurants the premise felt a little stagnant. As such I have decide to replace a traditional annual list and maintain a rolling account of my best meals in its place.

Some sort of methodology is needed for such a list. Yet, I have little time and no great need to reinvent anything. Therefore my rolling account of outstanding meals is loosely based upon the “World’s 50” Mainfesto. This boldly states that each “academy member” (their wording, not mine) must vote for 7 restaurants they have dinned in the previous 18 months. Three of these votes must go to restaurants outside their region.

The following is therefore an account of my favorite meals within the past rolling 18 months, at least three of which have been enjoyed outside the Nordics. Or, as I like to call i;

“The Current Seven.”

Maaemo, Oslo – Norway (March 2015)
Restaurant Vendôme, Cologne – Germany (April 2015)
Azurmendi, Bilbao – Spain (May 2015)
Mugaritz, San Sebastian – Spain (May 2015)
El celler can Roca, Girona – Spain (May 2015)
Andreas Caminada, Fürstenau – Switzerland (June 2015)
Waku Ghin, Singapore – Singapore (October 2015)

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Although the above is the definitive list of “The Current Seven” I feel compelled to mention some outstanding meals that I have enjoyed recently. Meals that for lack of space more than anything feel short of this very exclusive list. Places like Twist in Las Vegas that does not get nearly enough praise for what they consistently deliver. Or Otto e Mezzo in Hong Kong which might well be the only three star Michelin in that city worthy of the merit. And finally Kadeau in Copenhagen where they are at the very tip of the Neo-Nordic culinary spear.