BeingCritical.com contains my food and travel related reflections and restaurant recommendations.

I am the restaurant columnist for Norway largest newspaper Verdens Gang, a writer, radio and podcast host and all round food personality. And therefore cover all of Norway’s emerging culinary scene. However, I also travel the world in search of the next great meal and occasionally appear as a pundit in both national and international media.  This site will predominantly feature restaurants outside of Norway. Should you need specific travel and dining advice in the Nordics don’t hesitate to contact me on social media platforms.

When I travel, time is always limited. Therefore, I sometimes have to make difficult decisions regarding which restaurants to visit and which to pass up. As a result of this the restaurants recommended on these pages tend to be more upscale or part of an emerging trend. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a casual dining experience once in a while.

I attempt to keep my recommendations brief and descriptive, while letting my food photography tell a story. Hopefully giving you a general idea of what to expect from each restaurant, rather than a blow-by-blow account of my meals.

In the “Reflections” section you will find my thoughts on subjects I am opinionated about. Which is most things travel and food related. It might be an account of a trip, a tip on how to cram the most Michelin stars into a weekend or my latest predictions for Michelin or “The World’s 50.”

Keep in mind that I eat more than I write, and although I suggest you regularly visit this site for updates, it is not intended to take the form of a blog. Some of the articles that you will find here will have been published elsewhere, primarily in Norwegian. Still, the majority has been written specifically for BeingCritical.com.

As I have recently changed the platform for this site, please be patient while I slowly add my back-catalogue of content.

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André Blomberg-Nygård